Above all else, I am a storyteller. I studied film & screenwriting in school, & they will always be my first loves, even when I dabble in paint & clay. Though I've been called a dreamer (and not always in the positive sense), I just can't stop writing.  I know my stories are meant for the silver screen. Below you'll find all the scripts I have completed as well as those that are still in the ideation phase. Enjoy!

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feature film


feature film

stuck on someday


feature film

Written By Emily Prescott
Rose, a young woman in 1940s Michigan, struggles to find her identity amidst the societal and personal pressures in her life. Through her relationships and foray into mechanics at the local bomber factory, she learns to stand on her own two feet as the woman she wants to be.

Written + Directed By Emily Prescott
An aspiring comic artist learns to let go of her baggage and get after her dream career by helping a hoarder clean house. 
*Full film can be viewed here

Written By Emily Prescott
Two teens trying to survive high school, come to realize the importance of forging relationships as they connect over a love of 80’s music and the town’s annual toboggan race. 

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feature film

dream on

feature film

captain rawn

today, tomorrow, + always

feature film

Written By Emily Prescott
A self-destructive teen struggles to find his way after losing his father to the war in Afghanistan. 

Screenplay by Emily Prescott
Based on the Novel Mesmer's Disciple
By Edward Swanson
A violent police captain regains his humanity by saving a beloved artist from the grips of mesmerism after losing his job in NYC. 

Story by Emily Prescott
Written by Emily Prescott + Lauren Pan

Camden Oneiroi, an anxious 7 year old must work with a new friend to save the Dream Realm from the director of nightmares. 
*Currently in rewrites

tv pilot


tv pilot

come one, come all

Simpler times

tv Pilot

Written By Emily Prescott
A family of five must learn to come together after joining witness protection, which now involves time travel. 

Written By Lauren Pan + Emily Prescott
When an over-privileged teenager takes her rebellious stage one step too far, she is sent to live at the circus with her estranged uncle, and a cast of dark misfit characters.

Written By Emily Prescott
A half hour comedy about the employees of a Wellness Retreat Center. Through their personal and professional growth they make the world of yoga, meditation, reiki, and sound healing an inviting space for even the harshest of skeptics.

in the works

tv pilot

Up the road

feature Film

the 603

I've loved the stars

feature film

Written By Emily Prescott
A night shift police officer and an insomniac artist fall in love in the south. 

Written By Emily Prescott
A group of friends from high school meet up for a night of reconnecting and redefining relationships 8 years after graduation. 

Written By Emily Prescott
A group of friends in a small town navigate life, love, + growing into adulthood in the woods and mountains of New England. 

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