Includes requests from triptych paintings to mixed media works. If you have an idea, let's chat + see if we can bring it to life!

special request

FROM $155

5x7 - 16x20 inch
- Landscapes, floral, still life
- Includes ideation session + sketch approval


From $325

- 8x10 - 24x36 inch
- Landscapes, wildlife, + still life subjects
- Includes ideation session + sketch approval 

acrylic on canvas

from $325

"I want to paint the way birds sing" - Claude Monet

I would love to create something truly unique + magical for you or as a gift for someone you love. Let me know what painting dreams you have + we'll bring them to life together! Use the contact form below to learn more about what I can create for you. 

Choose from Acrylics on Canvas, Watercolors, or a special request including multiple pieces or mediums. Use the contact form below to learn more about what I can create for you!



from $155

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Reach out below to get the ball rolling on your special work! Please be sure to include any details about the piece you're dreaming of in the message as well as any questions you have about the process! 

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